What is this?

This is a blog made for you my dear (sometimes) pupils.

Some of you could teach us about  the web, do it. Other could teach us English, do it.

Another could expose original and creative ideas, do it.

Write  comments and show your solutions to the puzzles.

Cheer up and participate! It  will be a fruitful interchange. 


This is a preferences and intentions declaration

Why the character of Sherlock Holmes?

Because I am  a fan of it, as many other thousand of people. I  like  black novel, detectives novel, scientific novel, fantastic novel, Gothic novel. I love reading!!! Everything, everywhere.

Why logic puzzles?

I am mathematician, algebrist and my character is completely deformed my profession. Solving puzzles is a exciting challenge. This a a hobby I will hope to transmit to anyone close to me ( phisically or electronically) if they  don’t suffer of it yet.

My purpose is learning English and train our brains at the same time. We can do it!

We will count with the help of Doctor Watson, Holmes’s friend and official biographer. He will write articles on Sherlock Holmes, London on the XIX century, books on Holmes’s adventures, films, and so on. But his more important contribution will be the puzzles that Holmes solved or he will put forward to  the patient Doctor Watson or to you. His login is pinillos. I’m afraid  Holmes will write very few times, he is too busy, too conceited and too lazy to write.

Welcome to  our deductive adventures!

This a video of the tittles of a serie on Holmes’s Adventures performed by Granada  Television

Holmes catoon         you can be Holmes

                     You can be Holmes! (approximately)                        


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