Watson’s Niece

Good morning pupils.

This is Holmes. Doctor Watson is always telling histories about me. Probably I don’t deserve so much attention, though my remarkable services have became notorious. Today, I’m going to propose a simple puzzle. It only requires a little bit of wit and, in addition, the main character is Doctor Watson.

Doctor Watson was telling me about his niece Anne Amelia Forsythe. He said Amelia (she preferred the name Amelia  to Anne) went to Liverpool (a city she liked better than London), where she met two men. She was attracted to David (not Keith), and made a date to meet him the following day. She preferred to meet  him at noon (as apposed to eleven, as he suggested). David then suggested a number of activities for the afternoon -punting, walking, golfing, and riding.

“Now”, said Watson confidently, “can you deduce which activity my niece chose?”

I answered correctly almost immediately. Can you do the same, pupils?



1 Comment

  1. Hi Mr Holmes:
    What’ s the meaning of deserve?
    I am a little lost because I don’t find the connection. ( I use the word you explain in class). I think the solution is golfing but Idon’t know.

    I wait for your answer.
    Thank you

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