The death of Dick Powers, notorious ganster

Good afternoon, my dear friends.

I was very pleased with your comments. Holmes thinks the anterior puzzle was elemental and you need a new exciting challenge. So here it is a little problem.

Sherlock Holmes glanced up from his evening newspaper.

“Dick Powers, the gang leader who was responsible for all that touble down at the docks, has been found death,” he said to Doctor Watson.

How old was he, Holmes?” I asked.

“Well, he was 34 years old when his youngest son was born, and his eldest son, who was six years older than the youngest, was 40 on the day of his death,” Holmes answered.

Can you deduce the age of Dick Powers at his death ?


Doctor Watson        






  1. Hello!
    I would like to write the solution of the problem, but I can´t because I don´t understand the solution written in Spanish.
    Because it is written very strange and Patricia isn´t with me now.
    When I can read the solution I will write.


  2. Hello!
    We write to tell the solution of the problem:
    When he was born the young son,Sherlock was 34 years old.
    -The old was 40 years old when he dead his father.
    -The old is 6 years old more than the young.
    -The young was 34 years old when his father died.
    -His father was 68 yars old when he dead.

    We don’t know if the translation is right.

  3. hello !

    The translation of this puzle is for the persons who cannot translate it.
    The translation is the following one:

    Sherlock Holmes estaba echando un vistazo por encima de su periódico de la tarde. Dick power, el líder delos gansters que era responsable de todo lo que sucedia en el puerto, ha sido encontrado muerto. ¿Cuántos años tenía él, holmes? preguntado watson. bien, él tenía 34 años cuando su hijo más jóven nacio, y su hijo mayor, que era seis años más viejo que el más jóven, tenia 40 durante el día de su muerte, Holmes contestó.
    puede usted deducir la edad de dick powers cuando murió?

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