Solution to Moriarty’s Marvellous Moustache Mixture Scam



Good morning my dear pupils.

As you can see Professor Moriarty is also a  trickster.  He was probably scarce of funds!

The answer to this problem is easy, specially if you use your knowledge on divisibility. Some of you found it.

You have to look for a divisor of 3895 greater than 50 and smaller than 100. You can factorice he number 3895 = 5·19 · 41. Each factor is smaller than 50, so you must take the product of two of them. The only solution is  95 = 5 · 19.

Then the solution is 95 people, each one lost 41 pounds.

Doctor Watson  


1 Comment

  1. Hi Doctor Watson!

    Monica told us Professor Moriarty was a mathematician. Is it true?

    Don’t complain I am writing a comment!

    Could you tell me somthing about Moriarty?


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