The Three Ladies

Good morming again.

This is my last post in a few days. We must disappear. Holmes feels our enemies have found us. Experience taught me we can ignore Holmes’ intuitions. 

Sherlock Holmes, a friends and me were sitting in a restaurant.



“Behind you, Watson”, said Holmes, “are three ladies sitting together at a table. I have observed that between them they are wearing a total of 14 rings on their fingers. One is wearing twice as many as another, and  one more the third. Without turning around, tell me how many rings each one is wearing”

Can you work it out?

The quickest answer will win a prize!

Yours sincerely,

 Doctor Watsonwatson



  1. Hello Mónica: I have tried to solve the problem about the three ladies and I didn´t solve it. That´s all I just wanted to leave a comment in order to you can see that I remember you.
    Many kisses.

  2. Hello Mónica:

    it is rather confusing the “one more the third”

    I cannot find any solution:
    If the third one has one more ring than the second she has 2x+1 rings, where x in how many rings the first has:
    For x=1
    First has, 1 second has 2, third has 3, total is 6 X
    For x=2
    First has, 2 second has 4, third has 5, total is 11 X
    For x=3
    First has 3, second has 6, third has 7, total is 16 X

    If she has 1 more ring than the first one then any total will be an odd number, so the total will not match.

    Please Reformulate or think this in a better way.

    With honor.

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