The Surnames


Good morning my dear friends.

After months of silence, here we are Holmes and me. We have been running away from the evil Professor Moriarty. But now we are safe and we can renew our correspondence.

Holmes told me you can try to solve some whodunits. They are little problems but they reflect the power of his sharp deductive intelligence.

Here it is the first one:

Following a grisly murder, Sherlock Holmes interviewed four of the staff at Hammers Hall -the butler, the gardener, the chef, and the stable boy. From the following information, can you match the surnames with the correct first names and occupations of the four hired hands?

1. Tom, whose surname was neither Brown nor Johnes, was the butler.

2. The gardener’s first name was neither Jack nor John.

3. Smith’s first name wasn’t Tim..

4. Small was either the stable boy or the gardener.

5. Tim and Brown were cousins.

6. The chef and John were good friends.

7.  Jones was neither the stable boy nor the gardener.

I hope your doubts, and theories. Write to me!!

Yours sincerely, 

Doctor Watson


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