The Dark Dungeon

Sherlock Holmes painting

Good morning pupils.

Doctor Watson is still having breakfast so I have decided telling you my last adventure by myself.

I was being held prisoner in a dark dungeon by the evil Professor Moriarty. I found 64 candle stubs lying on the dungeon floor. I could make one full candle from four stubs, and one candle woud burn down to a stub in one hour.

Working on the theory that I could only light full candles, how many hours of candlelight would I have before being left in total darkness?

I could ran away from the dungeon, of course.

Wirte to me if you find the solution.

Yours faithfully,



1 Comment

  1. Hi !
    I think the answer is 21, because you have only to divide 64 by 4 and to use the stubs.

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