Solution to Lord Cavell and ‘his disturbing events’ and to your doubts

The order in which the items were stolen was:

  • First: gold lighter

  • Second: watch chain

  • Third: cuff links

  • Fourth: cigar box

  • Fifth: diamond tie pin

Thanks for your comments, my dear pupils.

Thanks for your comment Oldtimer. In Spanish this word means veterano, which has similar root to the English word veteran.


Doubts on vocabulary 


Mateo ‘trying to avoid’ means ‘intentando evitar’, thanks for your comment.

There are two  words, cuff links, you could find written together at the dictionary, cufflinks. Cuff means ‘puños de camisa‘, to link ‘unir’ cufflinks mean ‘gemelos de los de poner en una camisa’ pues gemelos, en el sentido de hermanos se escribe twins)


One of the most difficult words was blighter (at least in your opinion). In informal British English, if you refer to someone as a blighter, you mean that you don’t like them, or that you feel  they have done something wrong. It is also sometimes used to express sympathy or mild envy. ‘He was a nasty little blighter….. ‘

In the text blighter has the first meaning, and a good translation for it would be ‘tío’, ‘sujeto’. There is another translation, a tabu word in Spanish, which is not appropriate in this context of Victorian courtesy.



Doctor John H. Watson


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