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Watson and Holmes on chairs by Paget

Holmes and Watson on chairs by Sidney Paget
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Here you are my reading recommendations. I want you to share my liking for Holmes’s Aventures. Not only it is good for your English but also for your logic, your common sense and scientific rigour.  


 In English

  • A Sherlock Holmes Collection. Burlington Books. It is based on a vocabulary of 600-900 words.

Includes ‘A scandal in Bohemia’ and other two stories. Level 3º ESO. The brilliant detective, Sherlock Holmes, demonstrates his amazing powers of observation and deduction in these three short stories.

 All of you can read it if you make a little effort. Have a dictionary with you while  you are reading the book!

  • Black Peter/ The Red-Headed League. Ed. Easy Readers. Spain: Itaca

“Black Peter”: Captain Peter Carey, who is called “Back Peter” because his coarseness and his looks, is found with a harpoon through his body. Sherlock Holmes finds the murderer.

“The Red-Headed League”:  A red-haired man comes to visit Sherlock Holmes and tells a strange story which enables the famous detective to prevent a crime.

The edition has been abridged and simplified. It is based on a vocabulary of 1200 words. This book is adequated for advanced students. Depending on your English level you can also read the original texts, available in Great Britain in every bookshop.

You requiere an advanced English level.  It is difficult for most of you.


In Spanish

  • Las aventuras de Sherlock Holmes. Colección: Biblioteca juvenil. Editorial: Alianza Editorial.

The first compilation of  the short stories with Sherlock Holmes as  protagonist.

Available at the High-school. Ask me for it. I can lend it to you (pídemelo te lo puedo prestar). A good suggestion for Summer holidays!





  1. Hello Mr. Holmes:
    It´s me, Mrs Hudson, your landlady. I´d like to ask you wich of both the books i should read. I think probably “A Scandall in Bohemia” will be finest for me because when I met Miss Irene Adler I knewed she was prabably the only woman destined to be your partner. On the other hand probably i´ll read “The read-headed League” because Wilson was a poor folk quite shy, by the way.

  2. hello monica,i like you blog alot and its cool,and well,i dont like the videos alot but there not bad,the photos are good and i hope you give mi a good result because its taken me alot to write this

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